Frequently asked questions

Are the sails waterproof?

No, sails are not waterproof. On the other hand the rain will slip on the sail to drip due to the slope of this one.

Do sails come down in winter?

Yes, sails are not rated for snow loading and must come down in snow load areas. In this way, we can ensure a longer life. We also offer a service contract that includes installation, dismantling and storage.

Are the sails UV resistant?

The sails are resistant to UV rays as well as all the material used for its manufacture such as the thread for sewing sails.

Should the sails be cleaned?

No, you do not need to clean the sails, they clean themselves naturally with rainwater.

What is the life of a shade sail?

The life of our shade sails is over 20 years.

Is a city permit required to install a shade sail?

Usually you do not need to apply for a city permit as the installation of a shade sail is considered a seasonal garden accessory. However, the rules may differ from one city to another. It is therefore better to check with the administration of your municipality.