Our different shading products

Sail structures come in many forms, each with its advantages and subtleties. They generally consist of a steel structure and stretched canvas, fixed at different heights to adapt to different weather conditions and maximize the shading area. Unlike rigid building materials, the fabric offers great versatility in design, which allows us to create aesthetic and solid structures.

One of the main advantages of a canvas structure is its ability to cover large areas for a lower cost and a minimum of maintenance in contrast to the construction of a permanent structure (gazebo or pergola). Voiles d’ombrage Canada offers different types of structures that can be used for unlimited applications to suit your needs.

Shade sails

The shade sail, inspired by boat sails, is a stretched canvas attached to buildings or on poles firmly anchored to the ground in a reinforced concrete base. The canvas as the name suggests, allows to create a shading area while letting the brightness.

The sails are made of a high quality fabric guaranteed for 12 years against UVA and UVB rays. They protect from sun’s rays while letting in light.

Unlike the usual equipment such as the parasol or the gazebo, the shade sail allows a greater shading area given the size of the sails.

Cyclone umbrella

Our Cyclone parasols have a more traditional shape and are frequently used in playgrounds, restaurants and many other businesses that must provide maximum shade with a single pole.